As part of the preparation of teacher training programs in North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on  September 10-14,  2019,  IOA Executive Director visited North Lombok to meet with several stakeholders and see firsthand the condition of the district which was hit by several major earthquakes last year and destroyed most buildings including 95% of the local school. She met with the Regent, Head of the Education Office and his staff, Head of  Teaching and Education College (STKIP) Hamzar and his staff, local education leaders and visited several schools.

The Regent and Education Office highly appreciated the program and gave their commitment to support the program. They have never had teacher training program like this before and expect this program to be able to uphold the enthusiasm and motivation of their teachers who have lost their homes, belongings and schools where they serve.

Just like we did in other fostered regions, in North Lombok, we will also collaborate with local university which then will be the successor of the program to make it sustainable. For this reason, we met and discussed with  STKIP Hamzar, a university preparing prospective elementary and early learning teachers. STKIP Hamzar itself was founded in 2009 and is under Maraqitta’limat Foundation founded in 1964.

During this visit we also managed to meet with Ibu Rosida, a PE junior high school teacher who motivated Mohammad Zohri who is currently  Indonesia’s no.1 junior sprinter and won a 100 meter junior world championship in Finland and broke national and Southeast Asian records. We are very impressed with her struggle as a dedicated teacher who tirelessly encourages her students to find their best potential.

Currently we are doing some fundraising programs to support the education programs in North Lombok. For more information of your support, kindly contact Thank you.


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