Established in 2008, IOA aim to support education development in Indonesia. As a non-profit and independent organization, IOA  sincerely invite all  individuals and parties to work on our vision and missions in education.

 IOA believes that teachers are the leading agents of change. However, they have to develop their skills and experience required. So  they need support to innovate and make necessary changes. At the moment we are focusing on the development and improvement of  elementary school teachers capacity for they have roles as founder and builder of basic skills and character of their students as the nation’s future.

The purpose of our education program is to build the dedication and skills of the educators by providing a variety of training that is both soft skills and hard skills needed such as Leadership, Creativity, Science and Mathematics. We have been working with various parties who have high credibility in the field of education such as Masyarakat Pendidikan Sejati (MPS) chaired by Prof. I Gede Raka, South East Asian Ministries of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Qitep in Math, Kelas Lentera Kuark, Wira Wacana Sumba University, etc.


Our Story

Earliest, our association was called  American Alumni for Education (AAE), formerly known as  Bay Club, founded by some Indonesian students who were studying in the United States. The Bay Club activities halted when the national crisis happened in 1997, but at the end of 2008 we transformed into AAE and focused on the contribution in the education sector. In December 2009, AAE changed its name to IOA or Indonesian Overseas Alumni Association as an organization that was led to become more efficient and grow bigger. Since then, IOA try to expand access and encourage public participation in working on  the objectives of the organization. IOA is widely open to anybody who has a commitment to support better education in the country. In 2012, we received a legal recognition from the Ministry of Justice and Human Right (Kementrian Hukum dan HAM) and started our legal standing as Association. Our association is  managed  professionally, transparently and fully run by individuals who have a very good credibility in their fields and supported by the Secretariat staff who work as full-timers.

We have two divisions:

  • Education :  Planning, executing, evaluating  education programs
  • Networking : Running various fundraising programs such as golf tournaments, charity dinner, voucher for  donations, etc. as well as networking activities such as seminars, gathering, etc.