Circle of Angels is a donation program where corporations or individuals can support IOA programs to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Our management is committed to using all the funds we receive in accordance with our vision and mission, full of responsibility, transparent and accountable to avoid conflicts of interest.

Platinum Angel – Rp. 100 juta
Diamond Angel – Rp. 75 juta
Gold Angel – Rp. 50 juta
Silver Angel – Rp. 25 juta
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Platinum Angel – Rp. 30 juta
Diamond Angel – Rp. 20 juta
Gold Angel – Rp. 10 juta
Silver Angel – Rp. 5 juta
CoA Membership Form Click here

Please fill in membership, download, and send email to :

Our account :

Bank OCBC NISP 5458 0000 8033

Bank BCA 005 3033 188

A/n Perkumpulan Alumni Luar Negeri Indonesia

Our existing Sponsors and Angels