Adopt A Teacher


East Sumba is one of the poorest areas in Indonesia with disheartening condition. Most children have 6 years of education only and walk tens of kilometer to schools. Many 4th graders could barely read. Among others, the key problem is availability of programs to improve the teachers. We believe teachers are agents of change. Since 2012, Indonesian Overseas Alumni (IOA) have trained more than 700 teachers in East Sumba while thousands are waiting to get the change. With Rp. 2,400,000/year donation only or Rp. 200,000/month, you can adopt one teacher to engage in our series of capacity development training.

Let’s hand in hand to help the teachers create a better future!

Bank account :

OCBC NISP, 5458 0000 8033

BCA, 005 303 3188

A/n Perkumpulan Alumni Luar Negeri Indonesia

Let’s make a difference now!

Develop a teacher, educate a nation