IOA education programs focus on quality improvement activities for elementary school teachers in

    the form of training, seminars, expert sharing, the establishment of community learning, etc. Some

    of the activities we have done:

    2009 – 2010: Conducting a series of Transformational Leadership training to more than 200 teachers

    and principals of our partner schools SDN Duri Pulo 1-10 (10 schools) and SD Kasih Bunda, facilitated

    by Prof. I Gede Raka, Former Professor of ITB. The program was closed with Innovation Festival in


    2009: Financing a thousand of students to participate in Olimpiade Sains Kuark.

    2011: Science Film Festival in Gowa, South Sulawesi which was attended by 600 elementary and

    junior high students

    2012 : National Education Seminar facilitated by Dr. Roelande Hofman from the University of

    Groningen, Netherlands.

    2012: Competition of educational video for elementary school teachers called IOA Academy.

    2012 – 2014: Transformational Leadership Training Program in Waingapu, East Sumba, East Nusa

    Tenggara collaborated with Prof. I Gede Raka. The program consists of:

    – Transformational Leadership Program for teachers, principals, Supervisors, Lecturer, total

    336 participants.

    – Creativity Training Program to Improve the Quality of Education.

    – In addition, we also held a Train the Trainer program for prospective Local Facilitators who

    would continue this program in East Sumba. The training was attended by teachers,

    Principals, Supervisors of elementary school and Lecturers of Wira Wacana School of


    – Establishment of Community Learning Committee in East Sumba. This committee is a forum

    to establish communication and network between the IOA program alumni. The programs

    include: educational seminars, book discussion, scientific writing workshop, refreshment

    program, etc.

    2013: Education seminar “Tips for Choosing Games Tools for Kids” facilitated by Dra. Ike Anggraika

    from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia. The seminar was attended by 86

    elementary school teachers and principals in Jakarta.

    2012-current : We have been continuing Transformational Leadership training added by Creative

    Science Learning training began in 2015 and Joyful Learning in Math training in cooperation with

    South East Asian Ministries of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Qitep in Math. We have a 5-year

    collaboration with SEAMEO to run math training in East Sumba started in 2016.

    We are very pleased and honored since we now have 17 Local Facilitators for Transformational

    Leadership program and 40 Local Facilitators for Creative Science Learning program. They have

    conducted several independent trainings for their colleague teachers in East Sumba. We are also

    very pleased that the local government has allocated some funding to finance our training . Up to

    November 2016, Transformational Leadership training has reached 761 educators. And by the end of

    next year, we plan to cover up to 1000 Transformational Leadership participants